Things you can do at Shamol Bangla

Shamol Bangla is a very interesting resort that has a number of activities for you. We have listed a number of things that should be done if you ever visit us. They are given below:

  • Take a ride at the Honey Swing
  • Take a ride at the thrilling boat ride
  • Ride the train
  • Take a dive in our swimming pool
  • Munch in our delicious foods
  • Book a room and stay a night
  • Walk the resort at night
  • Star gaze
  • Talk to the birds
  • Converse with the staff
  • Plant a tree
  • Teach yourself on UNESCO history
  • Breathe
  • Arrange a BBQ party
  • Invite your friends over
  • Relax and sleep
  • Sing at the roof
  • Wonder how the countryside horizon meets the sky
  • Get married

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  • Visitor

    Thinks which you can do in your home

    1. Wonder how the countryside horizon meets the sky.
    2. Sing at roof.
    3. Relax and sleep.
    4. Invite your friends over.
    5. Arrange a BBQ party.
    6. Breathe.
    7. Teach yourself on UNESCO history.
    8. Plant a tree.
    9. Talk to the birds.
    10. Star gaze.

  • Purnendu Goshwami

    Greetings From ACI Limited.

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