With a capacity of about 1000 people, 13 gorgeously decorated rooms, two swimming pools, a dedicated kitchen with highly experienced chefs, green decorated food shades, fast food & stationery corners, thrilling rides for amusement of children, Shamol Bangla resort welcomes you to a country-side experience just 15 minutes driving distance and 7 km south west from Mohammadpur Beribandth, Dhaka.

The multi-functional Shamol Bangla resort covering 8 bigha land, consisting of modern building complexes of differential heights with captivating natural and architectural view & fantastic lighting arrangement, village cottages, attractive green landscape with ceramic sitting arrangement and ceramic paved road, situated beside Ati-Kalatia Bazar road/Keranigonj, Dhaka, surrounded by pure Bangladeshi village, encircled by high boundary wall ensuring privacy and security by constant surveillance of CCTVs and professional security guards, is specially designed for:

01. Female, family and children get-together
02. Corporate events like AGM/conference/seminar/symposium/workshop etc.
03. Picnic events with full catering service having capacity of 1,000+ persons.
04. Educational and business training program.
05. Birthday party, Marriage/Wedding ceremony.
06. Day/night stay for /Family/Friends/legal couples.

Education of the mind and soul is at the core of our resort. Our resort has been built keeping in mind of the students and children. The boundary of our resort has been decorated with highly detailed terracota of a number of UNESCO sites around the world. The beautiful terracota is truly unique and should serve as the medium of education to visiting children and students on a field trip.
Who does not love food? We do! At Shamol Bangla, we have arranged the some of the finest Bangladeshi-Indian-Chinese food of all time. Our highly trained Chef has been cooking up great dishes for our esteemed guests at an affordable price. Shamol Bangla is highly reputed for its food arrangement 250 people at the two food sheds starting at the entrance of the resort. Except that, we also offer seasonal delicacies as well. Your request, our command on food.
Shamol Bangla is a resort strictly for families. We proudly serve to all kinds of families and take them with utmost seriousness as our guests. Shamol Bangla is more of a family resort where you get the opportunity to have the finest memories with your family. We believe that family is the most important institution all.
Corporate Events
Organizing Social and Corporate events is the signature of the Shamol Bangla resort philosophy. The resort is the perfect place for your next picnic, annual general meeting, corporate events or a simple family marriage. We also encourage family outings at our resort with an aim to spend some quality time amidst the greenery the resort has to offer. Apart from that, the resort has a mini zoo full of local and foreign birds.
Nature and greenery surrounds Shamol Bangla resort. As the third finding pillar of the resort, we believe that mother nature is our source of all positive ideas and things arround us. Hence the name, Shamol Bangla. We have so many trees at Shamol Bangla that you will that you are in an ocean of green and they are growing faster than ever. With the touch of refreshing air and the country side hue, Shamol Bangla is the greenest resort ever.
Social Events
Your visit to Shamol Bangla Resort will be full of memories that you will yearn for years to come. The resort has so much to offer that you will be amazed. We have emphasized more than ever so that you can have the best days of your life at the resort. Our hospitality is to the point so that you can spend the finest of all memories with us.
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